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Declaration of Impartiality


Statement of Impartiality

NETSERT’s structure is designed to ensure impartiality of the audit and certification process. All employees, including contract employees, are exempt of commercial, financial and other pressures that influence the decisions regarding the certification of a firm or company.

Auditors should not have performed counseling service or taken place in trade regulation of system, establishment, provision or non-conformity improvement stages of system in the last two years of a firm or company they are going to audit. In the same way, auditors declare that they will not get involve in consulting or business relationship with the companies they audited within two years. The auditors that have taken place in these stages, by contract and confidentiality agreement, have to inform NETSERT and could not get involved in audit process of the organizations.

All NETSERT personnel salaries will be held separate from any certification assessment results and will be independent of positive or negative evaluation of customer's certification.

NETSERT procedures provide preservation of objectivity ofNETSET in all areas and its compliance with TÜRKAK procedures.  The other section ofNETSERT that is not included in management is involved with daily work activities of certification and these employees are required to comply with the signed Confidentiality Agreement. NETSERT's top management staff is located in the administrative and technical management but they are not actively involved in the stage of evaluation of the certification process. The top management staff also must comply with the specially prepared Confidentiality Agreement.

In case of mutual conflict of interest, the situation and resolving ways should be clearly specified. NETSERT is obligated to ensure no mutual conflict of interest in the following "related parties".


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